Walking into a forest and experiencing it at home.

About Us

SNGSAN Interior Concept Studio is an innovative interior architecture design firm basedin Taiwan, established in 2016 by Chieh Yu Chiang and Yu ChingKuo .

The philosophy behind SNGSAN comes from natural light, space, plants and accessories. We combine these ideas together bringing a fresh, natural, spacious yet different style to architecture. Amongst the simple natural colors to architecture, we inject creativity to every detail.

We projects with craftsmanship, timelessness and endless possibilities; designs that have their own uniqueness as if we breathe life into it.

  • 森叄成立於 2016年,是由江婕妤、郭玉青兩位設計師共同主持設計。



    We value what our clients want. We insist on giving them the peace that the heart longs. Feel the serenity and peace.

  • SAQ


  • 其「森」,團隊想傳達的是自然、環保及無毒的概念,一間房子也許要住個幾十年,住的健康是份責任也是義務;而「叄」,表示著服務(Service)、美學(Art)、品質(Quality)之三向思維(簡稱SAQ計畫),任何一位業主就像家人一般,需要關懷與照護,進而融合空間與人的精髓與價值。

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